Cake Pops by Jen & other sweet treats.... - Making your party sweeter one bite at a time!

Standard Cake Pops: (minimum order 1 dozen)
Pops dipped in your color choice  with sprinkles or zig zag /swirl on top.

 $18.00  per dozen (in a pastry box)
 $28.00  per dozen (in an arrangement)

Designer Cake Pops: (minimum order 1 dozen)
Pops that are characters, animals, sports, or theme based.  ***Some designs are more involved such as Angry Birds and they will be priced per pop.***

 $28.00  per dozen ( in a pastry box) 
 $38.00  per dozen ( in an arrangement)

S'mores Pops (minimum  order 1 dozen)
Marshmallow dipped in chocolate and  covered in crushed graham cracker. These are DELICIOUS!!
$1.00 each

New Item!!!!!
Chocolate Covered Oreos!!!! (Minimum order 6)

Standard cookie: 
Oreo dipped in white, milk or color chocolate of your choice with drizzle on top.
2 colors included..For example- White chocolate cookie with pink drizzle or Pink cookie with white drizzle.
$1.75 each

Designer cookie:
 Any cookie from a mold, with design from transfer sheets on them, or hand piped design. For example-Polka dots, Baseballs, Babies, Monogram etc..
$2.25 each

Each "standard" pop  includes 2 colors. There is a $2.00 charge for each additional color.

Delivery Fee:
$10.00  (I currently do not ship)

All pops are individually wrapped and secured with white curly ribbon.

 Custom tags and decorative ribbon are available  for .30 per cake pop.

*** All orders over a dozen must be placed 1 week in     advance or there will be a rush charge of $10.00

**The bouquet includes container, filler and Custom tags. 

***When placing order please specify cake flavor. 

***I will send an invoice to your email address and you can pay using Paypal or write a check. Please make checks out to Jennifer Noffsinger. Thank You!!!

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